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GARMULA- The master, 61 crew members and 5 gunners were picked up by the British armed trawler HMS Pict (FY 132) (LtCdr W.N.H. Faichney) and landed at Freetown.

GLENDENE – All 39  survivors were picked up by HMS Petunia (K 79) (LtCdr J.M. Rayner) and landed at Freetown.

HARMONIC.--At 20.43 hours on 15 Jul, 1943, the unescorted Harmonic (Master Roland Stott) was torpedoed by U-172 620 miles east of Rio de Janeiro. The vessel was sunk by a coup de grâce at 21.16 hours. One crew member was lost. The master, 38 crew members and six gunners were picked up on 22 July by the Portuguese merchant Inhambane and landed at BahiaBrazil two days later.

HAZELSIDE - The master, 37 crew members and 6 gunners were picked up by the Malaian prince  and landed at Capetown.

HELENUS - The master, 73 crew members, one gunner and one passenger were picked up by the British steam merchant Beaconsfield and landed at Freetown.

HOLMBURY – 37 crewmembers and 6 gunners made ashore at Tradetown Liberia.

ILE DE BATZ -  The master, 34 crew members and 4 gunners landed at Cape Palmas and were brought to Freetown by the HMCS Weyburn (K 173) (Lt Thomas M.H. Golby).

INCOMATI - The master, 101 crew members, 8 gunners and 112 passengers were picked up by HMS Boadicea (H 65) (LtCdr F.C. Brodrick, RN) and HMS Bridgewater (L 01) (Cdr N.W.H. Weekes, OBE, RN) and landed at Takoradi.

At 04.11 hours on 1 May 1944, the unescorted Janeta (Master John Cameron) was torpedoed and sunk by U-181 about 900 miles south by west of Ascension Island. The U-boat misidentified the ship as Banavon. Nine crew members and four gunners were lost. The master, 31 crew members and three gunners were rescued; the master, the third officer and eight survivors were rescued and landed at Bahia on 14 May.

15 more survivors were picked up by the Swedish merchant Freja about 150 miles south of Bahia and landed at Rio de Janeiro. Ten survivors were picked up on 12 May by the American destroyer escort USS Alger (DE 101) and landed at Bahia. The boat in charge of the master with nine occupants made landfall near Belmonte on 17 May and eventually reached Bahia aboard a small coaster on 20 May..

JOHN HOLT - 41 crew members, 9 gunners, 3 passengers and 40 Krooboys were picked up by the British tanker Empire Ruby and landed at Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

KANBE - 5 crew members were picked up by the Spanish steam merchant Rio Francoli and landed at Santa Isabel, Fernando Po, Equatorial Guinea.

KINGSTON HILL - 26 crew members and 6 gunners were picked up by the American tanker Alabama and landed at Capetown.

KINGSWOOD -  The master, 40 crew members and 7 gunners landed 10 miles west of Dahomey.

KOHINUR -  36 crew members were picked up by the British merchant City of Pittsburg and landed at Freetown.

KUMSANG - The master, 101 crew members and 8 gunners landed at Cape Mount, Liberia and were brought to Freetown by the British motor launches HMS ML-302 and HMS ML-2771. In the picture the sister ship KUTSANG



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