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I am immensely impressed by the wealth of information, largely unavailable anywhere else, offered at the website: SIXTANT WAR II IN THE  SOUTH AtTLANTIC (  It is obvious that the expansive informative and interesting material took years to acquire and organize, and that this process was undertaken by someone with great personal knowledge of and interest in the subject.  Capt. Ozires Moraes, who created and continuously updates the site with new information, had performed a valuable service for anyone interested in the war in the South Atlantic in World War II.  This is particularly true, since (as noted by naval historian Dwight Messimer, in his foreword to my book Ingram’s Fourth Fleet) “Though not entirely neglected, the South Atlantic theater is usually treated as a small part of the Battle of the Atlantic, leaving historians to write about the smaller theater piecemeal, focusing largely on Germany’s surface raiders, the blockade runners, and the Battle of the River Plate in which the Graf Spee was scuttled.” 

There are currently available at SIXTANT, 1,500 pages, complemented by 3,400 images.  Moraes, who lives in Brazil, has painstakingly acquired, organized and placed in context long forgotten information, which otherwise would continue to be consigned to the “dustbin of history,” and has made this trove available to all.  He had done a masterful job in recording and preserving details about the successful efforts of Allied naval and air forces to combat German submarines, blockade runners and commerce raiders in the South Atlantic in World War II.

David D. Bruhn Cdr. USN (Ret.) Author of the Book "Ingram's Fourth Fleet" 




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