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Above. Egerland seen after being shelled by British warships.


Built: 1939
Tonnage: 9,789 / 14,300 dwt   
Cargo: 500 barrels of lubricating oil for U boats, 50 torpedoes, drinking water to supply Uboats,  Provisions in special packing including smoked meat, stowed aft, which went bad in the heat, canned fruit, lemons and tobacco and cigarettes for about 500 men for four months. A  great deal of supplies were intended to serve the surface raiders.
Sunk 5 JUN 41 by Royal Navy Cruiser HMS London and Destroyer HMS Brilliant on pos. 07º 00"N 31º 00"W   
0 Dead   

94 POW 

10 May 1941. Egerland replenished mid South Atlantic.

16 May 1941. Egerland replenished U-38 in mid South Atlantic.

17/19 May 1941. Egerland replenished U-69, U-103 and U-106 in mid South Atlantic. On 21 May U-69 sank the U S merchant Robin Moor whe the U S was still neutral. 

28 May 1941. Egerland replenished UA in mid South Atlantic.

"London" above, reported that as she and "Brilliant" closed "Egerland," "London" opened fire with A and B turrets at 1010/5th June, at a range of 21,000 yards, with the object of forcing the crew into their boats as soon as possible.  "Egerland" appears to have transmitted a signal on 12,700 kc/s at 1013/5th June.  Later the boarding party from "Brilliant" reported that the ship could not be saved and accordingly "London" ordered her to be sunk.



"Brilliant" above, reported that "Egerland" proved difficult to sink and that gunfire was most ineffective.  Six depth charges set at 50 ft. and fired from throwers, whilst "Brilliant" rushed at 24 knots close alongside, hit hard but the ship did not sink.  A torpedo, set to 15 ft. of the ship, made extensive damage and raised her by the bow.  Finally one depth charge, landed amidships,  rolled aft, exploded and cracked the upper deck down the centre line and the ship sank by the stern 
By Jerry Mason USN Ret



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