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Brazilian ship seen during a routine patrol somewhere off Brazilian northeastern coast. FNN destroyers, cruisers, sub-chasers, patrol crafts, submarines, destroyer escorts and auxiliaries under command of Vice Adm Jonas Ingram did a superb job until the end of hostilities patrolling their assigned areas, rescuing survivors from sunken merchant ships and during long and extenuating  convoy and patrol sweeps. All pictures were kindly provided by SDGM. Serviço de Documentação Geral da Marinha.  

Brazilian sub chasers from FNN  Northeast Naval Force seen at Natal harbor. Along with ships of the Fourth Fleet FNN patrolled the vast sea lanes of Brazilian coast as well as provided efficient escort convoys on the long Bahia Trinidad route. 

Brazilian Navy guards the South Atlantic. Speed boat during a patrol around a convoy. Every ship refitted, rearmed to meet the challenge of modern war. Brazil with almost 4000 mile of an open coast is on guard.  Brazilian Navy did a remarkable job in aiding US Navy Fourth fleet in every assigned duties, laying mines to protect harbors and minelayers to sweep strategic shipping lanes and coastal waters.

Nearly 80 German and Italian U-boats were an ominous presence in the waters of the South Atlantic. Day and night these tiny Brazilian Sub Chasers and other vessels provided an efficient escort and patrol duties despite the the crucial limitations of men and material Brazilian Navy endured.

Brazilian ships seen assembled in one convoy. Above in the left, a patrol plane wingtip, from one unit of Brazilian Air Force which carried out around the clock protection over the vastness of the South Atlantic. Nearly 3,000 merchant ships were convoyed by the Brazilian Navy in a massive effort to ensure free lanes between ports of southern and northern Brazil

The small Patrol Crafts were tiny and crew worked in a cramped space. Despite their good stability, they swung a lot and deck was washed by the swells, to the point of staff had to be tied to the bunk for bed. Anyway it was a service provided by the brave heroes who manned these vessels in unending journeys of escort service across the Atlantic, with the risk that due to its low silhouette they were often being mistaken for enemy submarines.

One steel hull Sub Chaser plying the waters along the Brazilian coast. In both U.S. and Brazilian Navy, they were extensively employed in convoy escort duties. The ultimate test of these boats of 173 feet was to escort the convoy Recife-Trinidad (JT), mainly in the turn, heading the trade winds and the rough sea on 11 to 13 days of journey.

The picture shows a meeting between Adm Ingram and Admiral Guilhem likely taken place at the Fourth Fleet Headquarters Recife. In the background a typical allegory of the American Commander of ComSoLant.

Detail of transfer of U.S. Navy Destroyer Escort to the Navy of Brazil on August 1944, in a joint ceremony held at Natal Naval Base with the presence of representatives of 4th Fleet and the Northeast Naval Force.



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