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                                                                    EXCERPTS FROM ZP SQUADRONS IN BRAZIL

In one of her missions, blimp K-36 colided on 17/JAN/44 at Ilha do Farol in Arraial do Cabo, northern Rio in mid of a heavy fog with the loss of its material. Researches are underway in an attempt to locate their remains, however, insofar, the precise point where the craft sank is still uncertain.

8/1/44- K- 36 sights 3 lifeboats some 240 miles south of Fernando Noronha Is. They were survivors from German Blockade Runner Rio Grande sunk by Cruisers Jouett and Omaha.

13/01/1944 - K-98 located survivors from Blockade Runner Burgenland also sunk by Jouett and Omaha.

23/01/1944 - K-118 enroute to Brazil from Paramaribo, located B-25 crashed north of Amapa.

4/02/1944 - K-90 and K-114 rescue survivors of one Canadian A-30 Baltimore crashed near Amapa.

07/2/44 –K-90 crashes near Igarape Assu NAF Northern Belem.

11/2/44 – K-106, K-114 and K-118 rescue survivors from two B 25 Mitchell bombers crashed in the jungles of the state of Amapa.

17/2/44- K-110 and K-98 based at Fortaleza, undergo extensive search for one B-24 Liberator lost in the sea.

18/2/44- K-98 locates adrift in the sea a valuable cargo of rubber bales from German blockade Runner Rio Grande ( This cargo was almost entirely recovered by either American or Brazilian ships or washed out at the beach.)

03/3/44- K-110 assists one PBY Catalina that crashed northern of Fortaleza.

05/3/44- K 114 rescue survivors from one crashed PBY-4 Liberator 20 miles off Belem.

22/3/44- K-110 located one Brazilian Air Force training aircraft that landed in one remote beach near Santa Cruz NAF.

21/4/44- K-73 located PV-1 crashed in Bahia.

07/6/44- K-131 located and rescued crew from one A-20 crashed at Turiassu northern of the state of Maranhao.

08/6/44. K-125 takes President Vargas, Air Ministry Salgado Filho, Brigadier Trompowsky and Brig. Duncan to watch Brazilian Air Force ASW exercises off Marambaia backwaters near Santa Cruz NAF.

11/6/44- K-125 carried out an extensive search for one Brazilian Air Force aircraft which landed at the bay of Sepetiba near Santa Cruz NAF.

22/6/44- K-128 search for survivors of Brazilian Corvette sunk due to high sea off Recife.

23/6/44- K- 128 search for one NATS (Naval Air Transport Service) crashed near Maceio 98 miles south of Recife.

21/9/44. K- 117 locates the wreckage of one aircraft from Brazilian Airline Serviços Cruzeiro do Sul crashed at Bahia.

25/9/44.- K-128 undergo for a search to locate one B-29 lost in the sea off Fernando de Noronha Is.

22/11/44. – K-52 searches for one Martin PBM Mariner crashed in the sea off Bahia.

27/11/44- Catalina from Fleet Airship Wing 4 crashes near Sao Luis state of Maranhao with 22 people on board with the loss of airplane and occupants.

13/1/45.- K-125 from Santa Cruz and K-132 from Caravelas NAF, made a thorough search for one B-26 Marauder from US Navy which disappeared enroute to Rio. Later the plane was found landed in one small airstrip south of Vitoria, probably Guarapari.

30/3/45- Squadron ZP-42 receives order to return to the US.

04/4/45- K-108 located Brazilian C-45 crashed at the jungle at Amapa.

13/6/45 – K-98 located A 26 crashed. Place unknown.

02/10/45 ZP-41 receives order to return to the US.

All Pictures below from By Capt. Jerry Mason Capt. USN Ret. 

The photographs in the next series were taken on December 7, 1943 during Headquarters Squadron 4 Detachment 42 operations from Santa Cruz, Brazil. K-84 lands at Santa Cruz, Brazil

Engine is prepared for removal

Ground crew prepares engine for mounting - This squadron once managed an engine change with the airship swinging on the mast

Ground crew repairs rudder and elevator cables - Many of the ladders and stands  seen in these photos had once serviced the German Zeppelins

K-84 and K-88 in the hangar with Brazilian planes

K-84 in the hangar with Brazilian planes. On the left one PV 1 Ventura.

K-84 in the hangar. 

K-88 is moved into the hangar

K-84 and K-88 in the hangar. All Pictures from By Capt. Jerry Mason Capt. USN Ret. 

Below, archival footage on a U.S. Navy blimp over a U.S. convoy underway in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. A U.S. Navy blimp inside a hangar. The pilot's cabin of the blimp. The blimp in flight over an Atlantic convoy. Interiors of blimp cabin shows a pilot and an observer. The pilot at the controls. Two bombs leave the bomb rack of the blimp. Explosions in water. The convoy underway during a sunset.




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