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On November 5, 1943, a Navy plane on a sweep out of Ascension sighted a fully surfaced U-boat in position 10-09 S, 18-00 W and immediately attacked it (1125Z). From then until the U-boat was sunk at 1900Z, it was subjected to 10 attacks by 6 planes (2 Army and 4 Navy) during which time 33 depth bombs and 12 demolition bombs were expended. About 20 survivors in three life rafts were seen shortly after the sinking but these were never sighted thereafter. Attempts to have a merchant ship diverted to the scene of action to pick up the survivors proved to be unsuccessful.

On 3 December 1943 at 1800Z in position 08-00 S and 31-32 W, the U.S.S. Marblehead picked up a lone survivor from an Army life raft. There was little doubt that this man was a survivor of the sub sunk 5 November. His condition was very critical and when the Marblehead stood in at Recife on 4 December he was immediately taken to the Navy hospital. I was at the hospital waiting for him, being there ostensibly as a patient under observation. There was little need for this ruse however as the man was delirious or in a stupor most of the time. Everything possible was done to bring him to and for a brief period of ten or fifteen minutes he was somewhat rational.

Hans Schade was buried 6 December 1943 at Recife in the Santo Amaro Cemetery, Quarteirao 3, Lance 14, Septultura 14 (Plot 3, Street 14, Tomb 14). The plot was leased for two years by the U.S. Navy.

Hans Schade was rescued by the cruiser USS Marblehead on 3 December 1943 - 28 days after U-848 was sunk. He was found in a liferaft dropped by an Army PBY immediately after the sinking. His condition was very critical. He was put ashore at Recife, Brazil on 4 December and taken to the Navy Hospital. He died of exposure the next day and was buried with military honors 6 December 1943 at Recife in the Santo Amaro Cemetery, Quarteirao 3, Lance 14, Septultura 14 (Plot 3, Street 14, Tomb 14).

The map shows the great distance Oblt. Hans Schade went adrift in south Atlantic until he was fished out by USS Marblehead 28 days after the sinking of his uboat.

Oberbootsmann Hans Schade is at the front right 

By Capt. Jerry Mason US Navy Ret.



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