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Built: 1914

Tonnage: 5,802 / 8,815

Cargo: 5,000 tons of general cargo, including pig iron, groundnuts and tea 

Route: Chittagong - Freetown - London - Glasgow 

Sunk 21 Mar 1941 by U-105 on pos. 20° 04'N 25° 45'W

36 Dead

46 Survivors

At 12.03 hours on 30 Jun 1940, U-65 (Stockhausen) attacked the convoy SL-36 in 46°17N/14°35W and reported hits on two ships. In fact, only the Clan Ogilvy was hit. She had been en route to from Tuticorin, India to London with a cargo of general cargo, including tea, groundnuts, chrome and manganese ore. No casualties. The damaged ship was assisted by HMS Vesper (D 55) (LtCdr W.E.F. Hussey, DSC, RN) and HMS Gladiolus (K 34) (LtCdr H.M.C. Sanders, RNR) and arrived at Falmouth on 4 July. The ship was repaired and returned to service in October 1940.

At 00.46 hours on 21 March 1941, U-105 attacked the convoy SL-68 182 miles 350° from St. Antonio Island, Cape Verde Islands and sank the Clan Ogilvy and Benwyvis.

33 crew members and three gunners from the Clan Ogilvy (Master Edward Gough) were lost. The master and 19 crew members were rescued by the Spanish steam merchant Cabo Villano and landed at Santos.

By Clan Ogilvy (British Steam merchant) - Ships hit by German U-boats during WWII -



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