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Photo. City of Vancouver Archives  CVA 447-8021


Built: 1938

Tonnage: 4,719 / 9,250 tons

Cargo: 7,000 tons of coal

Route: Tyne - Loch Ewe - Freetown

Sunk 1 JUN 41 by U-105 on pos. 12° 58'N 27° 20'W

1 Dead

44 Survivors

At 00.22 hours on 1 June 1941 the Scottish Monarch (Master Graham Clegg Winchester), dispersed from convoy OB-319, was hit in the bow by one torpedo from U-105 southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. The ship had been spotted at 07.00 hours the day before and missed with a spread of two torpedoes at 15.35 hours. One crew member was lost. The survivors abandoned ship after the hit and the U-boat fired at 00.36 and 00.52 hours two coups de grâce. The first was a dud but the second detonated near the bridge and caused the ship to sink by the bow after a boiler explosion. The U-boat then questioned the survivors before leaving the area.

The master and 23 survivors were picked up on 8 June by the Dutch motor merchant Alphard and landed at Freetown five days later. The chief officer M. Macleod and 19 survivors were picked up on 11 June by the British steam merchant Christine Marie and landed at Freetown on 19 June.

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