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Built: 1939

Tonnage: 4,124 / 5,927 tons

Cargo: General cargo

Route: Liverpool - Accra - Lagos

Sunk 31 MAY 41 by U-69 on pos. 05º 33'N 00º 13'W

1 Dead

Survivors N/A

At 00.25 hours on 31 May 1941 U-69 fired one torpedo at the Sangara (Master Sidney Themans) lying at anchor in the roads of Accra after arriving there on 30 May. She sank by the stern in 33 feet of water with her bow still visible above the water. One crew member was lost. The master died in an accident on 13 June 1941, apparently drowning while examining the wreck of his ship.

At 21.10 hours on 12 August 1941 the Italian submarine Enrico Tazzoli (Capitan-Fregatta Carlo Fecia di Cossato) fired a torpedo at the bow of Sangara but missed. On 1 April 1943 the wreck of Sangara was sold to two locally based engineers for the sum of 500 pounds stirling, was refloated and towed to Lagos roads, but it was not clear what should happen with her and she was then towed to Douala at the mouth of the Cameroon River where the cargo was salvaged and sold.


Elder Dempster re-purchased the wreck of the Sangara and towed her back to Lagos where a berth had been prepared just above Wilmot Point. The engines were overhauled, all woodwork fittings were renewed and the torpedo damage repaired.

In 1946, the Sangara (Master John J. Smith) was towed from Lagos to the Middle Docks, South Shields by the tug Seaman. At a speed of 2.5 knots they were underway for 62 days. After permanent repairs the ship returned to service in 1947. On 14 Sep 1960, she was sold to British Iron & Steel Corporation and arrived three days later at Preston to be broken up.

By Sangara (British Motor merchant) - Ships hit by German U-boats during WWII -



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