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5)PIAKO U-107

Photo.On This Day (18th May) - WW2 Shipwreckollections - Shipwrecked Mariners' Society


Built 1920

Tonnage 8,283 / 10,920 tons

Cargo: 7,100 tons refrigerated goods, 1,500 tons zinc, 1,500 tons butter, 1,500 tons meat and 24 bags of mail 

Route: Albany, Western Australia - Freetown - Liverpool 

Sunk 18 MAY 41 by U-107 on pos 07º 52’N 14º 57’W

10 Dead

65 survivors.

Laid down as War Orestes for The Shipping Controller, completed in December 1920 as Piako for New Zealand Shipping Co Ltd, London.

At 22.27 hours on 18 May, 1941, the unescorted Piako (Master Benjamin Evans) was hit underneath the bridge by one torpedo from U-107 about 130 miles southwest of Freetown, stopped, sent distress signals and was abandoned by the crew. A coup de grâce was fired at 22.43 hours, which hit in the after part, broke off the stern and caused the ship to sink. Ten crew members were lost. The master, 62 crew members and two gunners were picked up by HMS Bridgewater (L 01) (Cdr H.F.C. Leftwick) and landed at Freetown. 

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