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Built 1923

Tonnage 5,444 / 7,739 tons

Cargo: Ballast

Route: Mauritius –New York via Table Bay and Trinidad

Sunk 10 AUG 42 by Italian submarine Reginaldo Giuliani on pos. 09º 26”N 38º 28”W

0 Dead

64 Survivors

On 10th August 1942 she was on an independent voyage from Mauritius to New York via Table bay and Trinidad in ballast when she was attacked by the Italian submarine Reginaldo Giuliani (Capitano di Fregata Giovanni Bruno) in the south Atlantic between Freetown and Trinidad (9 26N 38 26W). She was attacked both by gunfire and torpedo sustaining substantial damage. During the hours of darkness the crew abandoned ship in four lifeboats and stood of until the next day when some crew members reboarded her to collect some supplies before the submarine open fire with more shells and eventually sank her with another torpedo.

The No.4 lifeboat was rescued 7 days later by the Norwegian motor ship Tamerlane, the No.1 boat was rescued after 8 days by the Panamanian steam ship Rosemount, the No.2 boat was rescued after 35 days by the Portuguese steam ship Luso and the No.3 boat was rescued after 36 days by the British steamship Reedpool. The Reedpool, with 34 crew and 16 survivors of the Medon, was torpedoed and sunk by U-515 on 20th September 1942 150 miles of Georgetown in British Guyana. All 50 survivors crowded into one remaining lifeboat and were rescued by the British schooner Millie M. Masher the next day. Following the sinking of the Medon no lives were lost even though some crew members were in a life boat for five weeks.




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