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13)LASSEL U-107*


Built: 1922

Tonnage: 7,417 / 10,440 tons

Cargo: 7000 tons of general cargo 

Route: Liverpool - Rio de Janeiro - Buenos Aires 

Sunk 30 APR 41 by U-107 on pos. 12° 55'N 28° 56'W

2 Dead

51 Survivors

At 21.55 hours on 30 April 1941 the unescorted Lassel (Master Alfred Ryder Bibby) was hit on the port side in the engine room by one torpedo from U-107 about 250 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. The ship had been in convoy OB-309, which was dispersed on 19 April in 50°00N/23°50W. Her engines stopped immediately and the ship sank by the stern after about 8 minutes. Two crew members on watch below were lost. One lifeboat had been destroyed by the explosion and another was damaged during launching, so the survivors had to be distributed between the two remaining boats, which lost contact to each other after 3 days.

The master, second officer, 22 crew members and one lady passenger were picked up from their lifeboat on 9 May by the Benvrackie, which was herself sunk four days later by U-105 (Schewe). 15 survivors from Lassel were lost. The master, nine others and the survivors of Benvrackie were rescued after 13 days in lifeboats by the British hospital ship HHMS Oxfordshire and landed at Freetown. The chief officer H.W. Underhill, four officers, 13 crew members and eight gunners in the other lifeboat were picked up on 10 May in position 10°57N/29°13W by the British steam merchant Egba (Master G.D. Simpson, OBE) and landed at Freetown five days later.

By Lassell (British Motor merchant) - Ships hit by German U-boats during WWII -



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