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Built: 1923

Tonnage: 6,191 / 8,850 tons

Cargo: 6,705 tons of sugar, 5 tons of hemp and rum and mail

Route: Port Louis, Mauritius - Capetown - Pernambuco - Trinidad – UK

Sunk 27 NOV 42 by U-508 in pos. 08° 57'N 59° 48'W

82 Dead

10 Survivors

At 00.02 hours on 27 Nov 1942 the unescorted Clan Macfadyen (Master Percy Edgar Williams) was hit on the starboard side by two G7e torpedoes from U-508 95 miles southeast of Galeota Point, Trinidad. The U-boat had chased the zigzagging freighter for 13 hours and missed her with a spread of two G7e torpedoes at 13.24 hours on 26 November. The first attack was not noticed and the vessel stopped zigzagging about one hour before the torpedoes struck, broke the ship in two and caused her to sink within 4 minutes. The fore end sank after capsizing and the after end went down on even keel.

The crew of 84 men and eight gunners (the ship was armed with one 4in, one 12pdr and six machine guns) had no time to launch the lifeboats and only a few men managed to rescue themselves on rafts. The survivors observed the U-boat surfacing nearby, but it left the area without questioning them. Three crew members and one gunner were picked up from a raft by the Harvard and landed at Port of Spain on 31 November. Six crew members on another raft made landfall on Trinidad on 1 December. The master, 74 crew members and seven gunners were lost.




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