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Built 1931

Tonnage 3,561 / 4,959 tons

Cargo. Ballast

Sunk by Raider Kormoran  22 MAR 41 on pos. 03º 20’ N 23º 48’ W  when sailing in ballast from Freetown to Caripito  Venezuela. 

0 Dead 

39 crewmembers taken as POW

When ordered to stop this small 3,561-ton armed tanker radioed her position and tried to escape.

Several salvoes brought her to a halt and due to the damage done to her engine room it was decided to sink her. The scuttling charges were set and exploded, but she would not sink, being kept afloat by her empty oil tanks. After nine 150 mm shells had been put into her without success, she was finally sunk by a torpedo, and her thirty-eight-man crew was picked up.

By Hilfskreuzer (Auxiliary Cruiser / Raider) - Kormoran (

After two weeks on the Kormoran the crew of Agnita was transferred to the 3,000 ton Tanker Rudoph Albrecht. The prisoners stayed in this ship for a month more  and finally arrived at Bordeaux on 3 May 1941. Several weeks later they were moved to another prison camp in Germany at Sandbostel, Stalag X-B. Eventually the camp was liberated at 29 April 1945 by the British Guards Armoured Division. 

Above a view of the POW Camp Stalag X-B at Sandbostel near Bremen. Photo International Commitee of the Red Cross.


Agnita seen above when was hit by Kormoran.



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