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German supply ship Dresden. Photo SS Zamzam - Wikiwand

Tonnage 5567 GRT / 7510 DWT

Launched 1937

Length 452 ft

Beam 56,4 ft

Draft 24,9 ft

On 25 Aug 1944 Dresden was scuttled off Bordeaux. On 9 May 1945 she was raised and repaired and in 1946 became French Doba.


Apr 18 1941. Following the sinking of Egyptian passenger ship Zam Zam in the South Atlantic, on 18 Apr, Atlantis transferred three severely wounded survivors to the supply ship Dresden.

May 20 1941. Arriving at Bordeaux, Dresden disembarked 202 passengers including 138 Americans from Zam Zam. originally a Bibby Line ship, Zam Zam had been sunk in South Atlantic by Atlantis on 17 April, because she looked British. Dresden was also carrying forty six guards and prisoners from other vessels destroyed by raiders. She was going to proceed to a neutral port to disembark all people on board, but instead SKL (Seekriegsleitung) had ordered to make for France. 

Apr 16 1942. Raider Atlantis rendezvoused with Dresden in mid South Atlantic so that badly needed fresh foodstuffs from the supply ship could be transferred to the raider. To Rogge's disappointment the vital load of  frozen food had been handled negligently by the German Attaché in Brazil  and were transferred to the merchant Babitonga who did not even have a refrigerator on board and so everything ended up spoiled.

Apr 19 1942. Dresden rendezvoused with the Atlantis and the 2,719-ton supply ship Alsterufer the former fruit carrier from Sloman Line.

May 31 1942. Dresden rendezvoused with supply ship Regensburg in Indian Ocean when took 105 survivors from SS Nankin including one crewmember from British Willesden sunk by raider Thor.

Jul 10 1942. 137 prisoners from ships sunk by raiders Thor in the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean were all disembarked at Yokohama Harbor and handed over to Japanese authorities. Men, women and children were sent to Tokyo Railway Station where they boarded a train that took them in one unending 8 hour journey to Fukushima where they met their captivity at the Convent of the Congregation of Notre Dame.

Aug 15 1942. Dresden sailed from Yokohama managed to arrive at Willhelmshaven Germany in December 1942 after an epic voyage of five months. 

Aug 20 1942. Dresden departed Yokohama. 

Nov 3 1942. Dresden arrived Bordeaux.



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