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Total received: 30

Characteristics:  Crew: 4. 

Engines: 2 Argus AS 10C with  240 hp, 8 cilinders “V”, inverted, air cooled  

Empty weight 2.400 kg  

Maximum weight  3.600 kg   

Cruise speed 132 kts.   

Maximum speed 135 kts   

Service ceiling 16.200 ft   

Range 430 miles.  

Armament:  2 Rheinmetall Borsig MG15 7,92mm, machine guns being one in the nose and 1 in a dorsal turret. Also it could carry a load of 200 pounds of bombs under the wings.  

Focke Wulf FW-58B Weihe – 30 aircraft were employed in routine patrol missions, in Mail Service and as a bomber training missions. They were used by  the Brazilian Navy and were assembled in Brazil, from 1938, under license from German government, at the General Naval Aviation workshops at Galeao airbase. Later, under Law Decree # 3.302, from 22 May 1941, those facilities were upgraded and were designated as Galeao Aircraft Factory. FW-58B were active in the Brazilian Air Force until 1950. During the World War II, they were employed in patrol duties in the southeast and southern regions. and later they were transferred to the National Air Mail. 

In 25 June 1943, Lieutenant o George R. W. Bugner, in one FW-58B from the Squadron at Galeão Airbase, and his machine gunner when in one routine patrol sweep off 30 miles off Cabo Frio, 100 miles northern Rio de janeiro, sighted and attacked one submarine, dropping one 300 lbs depth charge in the moment when the sub made a crash dive in view of the contact with the attacker. The bomb exploded in the swirl of the immersion. There was no confirmation whether the sub was hit, however the fact is that the Germans were alerted of the constant presence of increasing air activity from Brazilian Air Force.   


FW-58 WEIHE - 28 were assembled in Brazil under German license.    

This FW was carefully restored in Brazil and is in static display at the Museu Aeroespacial, Rio de Janeiro Afonsos Airfield.   

One detail of the facilities where FW 58 was assembled.    

FW 58 sided by two NA 44 at the Naval Airbase Galeão in 1940. 

Rare view of one Weihe during a low pass over the Guanabara Bay.

Two FW 58 seen flying  over Rio de Janeiro Another view of restored FW 58. Picture by FGV (fundação Getulio Vargas)

Rare view of one FW-58 used by Military Air Mail.   

Magnificent view of one FW-58 from Military Air Mail seen by a group of indians after taking off from some remote place in the Amazon jungle.

3 FW-58 pictured during a low flight over Afonsos Field Rio de Janeiro early in the war.

Picture by CPDOC FGV



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