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I would like to address a special acknowledgement to Capt. US Navy Ret. Jerry Mason for his invaluable support in providing vital information and access to so many files in his superb website. Without his wholehearted good will and his expertise, the lack of important data on the War in the South Atlantic, would turn my work unviable. Click

I Also wish to express my deepest gratitude to Patrick Clancey at the head of authoritative Hyper War Foundation. Thanks to him our website has been included at the page dedicated to the Allies, thus enabling a worldwide scope. Click

Many thanks to Joe Radigan and his unequalled  site who gave me the green light to reproduce several vessels which belonged to the Fourth Fleet. Click To Bjorn Larsson  at and Pat Stephens at who kindly answered my questions for so many times and granted me the privilege to reproduce some of their archives.

My special thanks to Tony Westmore at (Now closed) He was of paramount  importance when granted me permission to include some pictures found in his unequalled website loaded with thousands of high quality photos, some of them from merchants sunk in the South Atlantic. My deepest gratitude for his invaluable help.

A special tribute to Robert A. Maher, the US Navy war hero and former crewmember at Destroyer DD 215 BORIE, who after a saga experienced with his ship in the north Atlantic, lived to write his memoirs as a legacy of honor, patriotism and resilience. And last but not least to Sergio Carvalho the loyal comrade at B.d.U. (Brazilian discovering Unterseeboote) for his permanent advisory and assistance down these last 5 years. Many thanks to all contributors who provided constructive criticism during the preparation of this website. 



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