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08 dec 2019 - Added an update picture from Brazilian Sub Chaser Guapore seen in high seas off Northeastern coast during a routine mission.

06 DEZ 2019 - Added one photo from Submarine chaser Jutai taken during one convoy escort mission in south Atlantic.*&sub=submarine-chasers&tag=16)sub-chaser-jutai-cs-52

23 NOV 2019 - Added a new page including the Patrol Gunboat Paraguassu. The same was assigned for patrolling duties off the Salvador harbor.*&sub=aux-ship-battleships-cruisers-*&tag=7)patrol-gunboat-paraguassu

02 NOV 2019 - Added one picture from Recife Harbor where 3 Brazilian Classs C Corvettes are seeen sided by two merchants.*-&sub=camp-ingram-&tag=6)recife-harbor-base-fox

09 jul 2019 - Added one more page at ASW South Atlantic. The Depth Charges devices against Uboats

16 JUN 2019 - Added the picture of British oiler Dinsdale. The RFA tanker was sunk Sunk 31/May/42 by italian submarine Cappelini on pos. 00º45”S 29º50”W

24 APR 2019 - Added one picture showing the Brazilian scout Cruiser Bahia launching one depth charge on a presumable u-boat during a convoy mission*&tag=1)south-atlantic-convoys

20 APR 2019 - Added a new page, the fierce encounter with both armed ships deep in the south Atlantic off the Brazilian coast. A battle that endured four-and-a-half-hour was too costly to HMS Alcantara. the ship sustained several hits despite her superior speed and armament. Alcantara shrouded in a pall of smoke, listing, left the area and limped for Rio de Janeiro for emergency repairs.,

06 APR 2019. - Added a new page at ROYAL NAVY SOUTH ATLANTIC COMMAND - ROYAL NAVY J K L M N SHIPS "AMC MOOLTAN. The same acted as an Armed Merchant Cruiser at South Atlantic Station (October 1939 - April 1940 and June-July 1940)and the Freetown Escort Force (May 1940 and August 1940 - January 1941.) 




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