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15 dec 2016. Added one picture at BRAZILIAN NAVY - CV HENRIQUE DIAS The picture shows the Brazilian Navy Corvette during the launching ceremony at Henrique Lages Shipyard Rio de Janeiro Sep 1943.

17 NOV 2016 - Added one picture at BRAZIL THE HARD ROAD TO WAR -  DEFENSE PLANNING 29 SET 2016 - Added one page at RAIDER ADM GRAF SPEE Article. It tells the story of the German tanker and supply ship Altmark and her involvement in the famous Altmark incident whe in february 1940 whilst under cover in Norway fjord the same was approached by the Royal Navy Destroyer HMS Cossack that rescued 299 crewmembers of British merchants sunk by the Graf Spee in south Atlantic. The raider had already released 66 crewmembers of British ships sunk in South Atlantic and the SS Africa Shell off Mozambique.*&sub=the-hard-road-to-war-&tag=6)defense-planning-and-feb

25 SEP 2016. Added the picture above at BRAZIL THE HARD ROAD TO WAR / WE WANT WAR page. The same depicts the US Embassy at Rio de Janeiro.  Ambassador Jefferson Caffery and his staff developed intense diplomatic activity aiming to involve and attract the country into allied cause. Caffery had a close relationship with Brazilian President Getulio Vargas.*&sub=the-hard-road-to-war-&tag=13)we-want-war

15 SEP 2016 - Added 3 more pictures at ASCENSION ISLAND / THE BUILDING OF AN AIRFIELD from USAT Coamo, Freighter Luckenbach, SS Pan Royal and a large view of the runway at Ascension soon after its paving. That distant airbase in the middle of the south Atlantic 1200 miles from Recife had paramount importance on the flow of thousands of aircraft ferried since US bases to the African and European theater.*&sub=a-tiny-rock-in-the-atlantic&tag=2)the-building-of-the-airfield

30 AUG 2016. Added one picture at FAB - BRAZILIAN AIR FORCE Douglas B 18 BOLO. In the picture three B 18 from 99th Bombardment Group overfly the Amazon jungle. one of them depth charged and sunk U- 512 off Cayenne French Guyana 02 Oct 1942*-&sub=brazilian-air-force-&tag=10)douglas-b-18-bolo


01 JUL 2016 - Added one more page at SWEDISH SHIPS SUNK. This time the merchant ship Japan which was sunk on 4 May 1941 250NM off Freetown. 54 Survivors landed in two lifeboats at French Guinea, and were interned by Vichy authorities. Later 27 Swedish crewmembers were released and returned to Sweden.

22 JUN 2016 - Added one new page at GERMAN PLANS TO SEIZE GIBRALTAR (OPERATION FELIX) The German plan to seize Gibraltar and close British access to the Mediterranenan by West thus turning the task of protecting bases in Egypt a very difficult task, increasing in months the journey of Royal Navy ships assist and supply  Alexandria via the Suez Canal very dangerous and risky.*&sub=gibraltar--the-rock&tag=operation-felix*

17 JUN 2016 - Added one rare picture at US NAVY BASES IN BRAZIL (Page 15 NAF RECIFE) with a panoramic view from Ibura Airfield at Recife and its three runways. The base was used for ferry flights to African front, and for use of Brazilian and US patrol planes over the south Atlantic.*

29 MAY 2016 - Added one new page at GERMAN RAIDERS, (Page 25 RAIDER THOR) with the story of the German Raider which in action in the south Atlantic sank 14 merchant ships and engaged with British Armed Merchant Cruiser Alcantara off Brazilian coast inflicting severe damage to the AMC

27 MAY 2016 - Added one page and pictures at BELGIAN SHIPS SUNK (Page 4 BRUGES.) One more allied merchant ship sunk in the south Atlantic now totalling 405 allied merchants sunk south of 10º 00" N, the area considered the South Atlantic theater.

23 May 2016 - Added 3 pictures at BRAZILIAN AIR FORCE (Page 31 VULTEE VENGEANCE) The versatile sturdy Vengeance served at Brazilian Air Force as a dive bomber  and patrol escorting convoys.*-&sub=brazilian-air-force-&tag=31)vultee-vengeance-a31-35

22 May 2016 -  added picture on PARNAMIRIM FIELD (Page 20) and text on the construction of the Air Base, its facilities for fuel covering twenty steel surface tanks with a total capacity of 528,300 gallons, twelve underground steel tanks five-seven fixed platforms pumps. The supply of fuel to the base was carried out by tank trucks and lines plumbing (pipe-line) which amounted to about twenty kilometers.

15 May 2016 - Added American newspaper clipping about the rescue of the 9 survivors including a boy from SS Robin Moor sunk by U-69 some 500 miles off Natal on Northeastern coast. They were rescued by the Brazilian merchant Ozorio after 19 days adrift in South Atlantic.

10 May 2016 - Added a picture of one brazilian Lockheed Hudson and its crew which took part in the sinking of the German uboat U 199 off Rio de Janeiro.*-&sub=brazilian-air-force-&tag=17)lockheed-a-28-a-hudson

08 May 2016. Added 2 pictures at GERMAN BLOCKADE RUNNERS / ANNELIESE ESSBERGER. German prisoners loading a US Army truck at Recife harbor following their rescue by USS Marblehead. Panoramic view of Brazilian Army Quarters at the town of Pouso Alegre where they were interned for several months.

06 May 2016. Added 5 pictures at GERMAN BLOCKADE RUNNERS / PORTLAND where German survivors are fished out by French Cruiser Georges Leygues and landed them at Dakar

23 APR 2016.  With deep sorrow  we announce the death of Maj. John Buyers. Born to American parents in Brazil, his family moved to the United States before the war. After Brazil's entry into the war in 1942, Buyers was sent to the newly created base Parnamirim Field in Natal where he made contact with Major Nero Moura, future commander of Fighter Group in Italy. With the creation of 1st Fighter Group on 1 Dec 43 Moura asked Buyers who spoke fluent Portuguese he could be assigned as the liaison officer of the Brazilian unit. Buyers followed all the training in Florida Panama and New York and embarked with them to Italy on Sep 44. In the theater he was a link between the Brasilian and American pilots and managed to get one B 25 Mitchell that was used as transport plane for the group  to the end of campaign. With the accumulation of lost pilots in combat Buyers volunteered to fly in combat  having flown to the end of the campaign 22 missions in P 47 all voluntarily. After the war he retired with the rank of Major and returned to Brazil where he established family. With his death the chapter of the Brazilian pilots who fought in Italy in World War II is closed. Rest in peace brave friend of Brazil.

21 APR 2016. Added at BRITISH SHIPS SUNK on LULWORTH HILL page one picture of the raft with the only two survivors being rescued by Royal Navy Destroyer Rapid after 49 days at sea.*

06 APR 2016.  Added at BRITISH SHIPS SUNK page the history and saga of the prisoners of ship CRITON and their ordeal at the prisoner's Camp of Timbuctoo. Extracted from " Reminiscences of Peter De Neumann.

27 MARCH 2016. Added a page at CAMP INGRAM RECIFE - FOURTH FLEET FARM. The effort of Admiral Jonas Ingram, the Fourth Fleet Commander in providing the best nutrition for his subordinates. Thousands of American sailors were based at Recife and they felt the lack of fresh vegetables and alike. The solution was found when the Pernambuco government ceded an rural area in the vicinities of Recfife where thechnicians in agriculture aided by Brazilian natives erected an important farm that supplied the American troops.*-&sub=camp-ingram-&tag=9)the-fourth-fleet-farm

27 MARCH 2016. Added at CAMP INGRAM RECIFE one more page titled ATLANTA RECREATIONAL CENTER. A Brazilian Hospital located in the woods, a suburban area  of Recife that served as a Rehabilitation for many American sailors after long and tiresome journeys. The same was visited by Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox.*-&sub=camp-ingram-&tag=8)atlanta-recreational-center

25 MARCH 2016. Added at BRITISH SHIPS SUNK on CITY OF CAIRO, one picture and text from Margareth Gordon, the brave Australian woman who was fished out by one Brazilian Corvette after sailing for 52 days and more than 2000 miles in the south Atlantic when her ship was torpedoed south of Santa Helena Is.

10  MARCH 2016. At CAMP INGRAM RECIFE, repaginated and added 2 more pictures and included the whole story with detailed text about the fire that took the US tanker LIVINGSTON ROE*-&sub=camp-ingram-&tag=7)ss-livingston-roe



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