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Built: 1940

Tonnage: 5,226 / 9,440 tons

Cargo 8,332 tons of general cargo, including 1,800 tons of manganese ore

Route: Calcutta - Capetown (27 Oct) - Trinidad - UK 

Sunk 18 NOV 42 by U-154 on pos. 06º 20"N 49º 10"W

6 Dead

41 Survivors

At 07.01 hours on 18 Nov, 1942, the unescorted Tower Grange (Master William Henry Williamson) was hit by two torpedoes from U-154 about 250 miles northeast of Cayenne, French Guiana and sank by the stern after about 20 minutes. The U-boat had first spotted the ship at 08.34 hours the day before, but her zigzag course prevented an attack during the day. The vessel was lost in a rain squall shortly before midnight for about three hours and then evaded a spread of three torpedoes at 06.39 hours before being hit by a second spread.

Four crew members and two gunners were lost. On 23 November, the master and 29 survivors were picked up by the British steam merchant Castalia and four days later landed at Trinidad. On 25 November, the chief officer and ten survivors were picked up by the British steam merchantBaron Belhaven and landed at Trinidad.

By Tower Grange (British Motor merchant) - Ships hit by German U-boats during WWII -



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