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24)OAKBANK U-507



Built: 1926

Tonnage: 5,154 / 8,876 tons

Cargo: Ballast

Route: Suez - Durban - Demerara - UK

Sunk 22 DEC 42 by U-507 on pos. 00º46”S 37º58”W

27 Dead

37 Survivors

On 27 Dec, 1942, the unescorted Oakbank (Master James Stewart) was torpedoed and sunk by U-507 about 200 miles north-northeast of Fortaleza, Brazil. The master, 24 crew members and two gunners were lost. 29 crew members and three gunners were picked up by the Brazilian merchant Commandante Ripper and landed at Recife on 3 January.

One crew member was rescued by the Argentinian tanker Juvenal and landed at Curaçao, Netherland Antilles on 8 January, while two crew members on a raft reached the coast near Brazilian State of Pará on 15 January. The master and one crew member (Apprentice Ian Hamish Innes-Sim) were taken prisoner and were lost when the U-boat was sunk on 13 Jan, 1943.

By Oakbank (British Motor merchant) - Ships hit by German U-boats during WWII -



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