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Battleship Minas Geraes seen in colorized picture with her 12 305" guns. Photo

Battleship Minas Gerais seen moored at Salvador Bahia as a Floating coastal battery. Picture by SDGM (Serviço de Documentação Geral da Marinha)

Battleship Minas Geraes seen at Salvador harbor circa 1943. Photo LIFE magazine.

Laid down: 17/Apr/1907

Incorporated: 18/Apr/1910

Decom: 20/Set/1953

Tonnage: 23 200

Length: 165.61 m

Beam: 23.31 m

Draught: 8.54 m

Propulsion: 18 coal fired boilers Babcock & Wilcox, grouped into three sections, one with four and two with seven boilers, two steam machines triple expansion of Vickers Sons & Maxims, generating 23,500 bhp, one located on each side in watertight compartments independent and coupled the two axles with four-bladed propellers.

Fuel capacity: 2,750 tons of coal distributed in 36 bunkers.

Speed: 19,6 kts

Range: 10.200 miles at max. speed.

Armament: 12 Armstrong guns pol/45 12 cal. (305 mm) in six twin towers, 22 Armstrong guns pol/50 of 4.7 cal. (120 mm) guns and eight 47-Armstrong mm/50 cal. single repairs, which could be landed in boats and installed to support landing operations.

Complement: 1,173 men including 48 officers, 90 sergeants and first sergeants and 1035 ratings

Fate. On September 20 was sold to Italian firm SA Cantiere Navale Santa Maria. In 1954 on March 11, at 11:00 pm, suspended the last time the port of Rio de Janeiro, being towed to Europe. On April 22, arrived in La Spezia where she was dismantled.


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