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VB-143 was established at NAS DeLand, Florida, 15 June 1943 with PV-1s; redesignated VPB-143 1 October 1944. To NAS Boca Chica, Florida, for advanced training July 1943. Based in Brazil August 1943 - May 1944 flying ASW patrols and convoy escort; at NAF Recife, 16 August 1943, and NAF Ipitanga, 28 January 1944. Flew dawn and dusk sweeps, convoy coverage and any required night missions in cooperation Airship Patrol Squadron Forty Two (ZP-42) and two Martin PBM Mariner, q.v., squadrons while at NAF Ipitanga.

To NAF Hato Field, Curacao, 10 May 1944 to patrol the immediate area surrounding the island in cooperation with Scouting Squadron Thirty Seven (VS-37). To NAS Boca Chica, Florida, 24 June 1944 to began intensive training in the use of HVARs and updated ASW techniques. On 24 October 1944, the squadron was informed that they would re-equip with PB4Y-1 Liberators, q.v., and the first aircraft arrived in November.

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Squadrons.


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