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VPB 126  10 Jan–Jun 1945: VPB-126 departed NAS New York, N.Y., for deployment to NF Natal, Brazil. Soon after arrival, the squadron split into detachments with sections at various times at Fortaleza, Brazil, and Ascension Island. The routine of daily patrols was broken on 3 May 1945 by a two-week period of training for eight pilots in the use of wing-mounted HVAR rockets at Maceio, Brazil.

The lack of enemy activity and the general winding down of the war effort resulted in the return of the squadron to the U.S. on 21 May 1945. Upon arrival at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, New York, N.Y., the squadron began preparations for disestablishment. The formal disestablishment took place at NAS Floyd Bennett Field, N.Y., on 27 June 1945.

Source: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Squadrons


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