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Photo.  By P. Pesek Contributed by a member of USS Fiske DE 143


Type: FMR (geared diesel, Fairbanks-Morse reverse gear drive, 3" guns

Displacement: 1,200 tons (std) 1,590 tons (full)

Dimensions: 306' (oa), 300' (wl) x 36' 10" x 12' 3" (max)

Armament: 3 x 3"/50 Mk22 (1x3), 1 twin 40mm Mk1 AA, 8 x 20mm Mk 4 AA, 3 x 21" Mk15 TT (3x1),1 Hedgehog Projector Mk10 (144 rounds), 8 Mk6 depth charge projectors, 2 Mk9 depth charge tracks.

Machinery: 4 Fairbanks-Morse Mod. 38d81/8 geared diesel engines, 4 diesel-generators, 6000 shp, 2 screws.

Speed: 21 knots.

Range: 9,100 nm @ 12 knots.

Crew: 8 / 201.

In September 1944, DE 139 Farquhar began patrols and convoy escort duty in the South Atlantic with the MISSION BAY (CVE-59) hunter-killer group. She voyaged from Bahia, Brazil, to Dakar, French West Africa, and Capetown.

DE Farquhar seen moored alongside other vessels at Recife 1945. Photo

CVE-59 USS MIssion Bay seen by DE 139 Farquhar in search  for U-boats in south Atlantic 1944. Photo By Jim Keppler



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