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                                                                  IN THE BRIG AT RECIFE  By Evan Lindner

I believe it was when we were in Recife tied up at the dock. I got sick and was diagnosed with Typhoid Fever. I was temporarily transferred to the Pina Beach Naval Hospital. Penicillin was new and not available to me because it was not that plentiful. Instead, they attempted to sweat the fever out of me. I sweat so much that it went through the mattress and made a puddle on the floor. I became pretty weak due the losing a lot of weight quickly.To restore my strength, I was given 3 eggnogs per day. Each one consisted of 6 eggs.

So, I was getting 18 eggs per day. Two things happened when I was sick. One day the admiral and his staff visited me in the hospital. He wanted to know who was eating all his eggs. I was told later that he had a farm on the mainland.  Another thing that happened is that Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the President visited the hospital while I was there.Typhoid Fever is a disease that should have isolation facilities. Pina Beach had no isolation ward so they put me in the corner of the larger room with other patients and surrounded me with hanging sheets. But, with Eleanor Roosevelt being there, they did not want her to know Typhoid was present in the hospital without the patient being isolated so they put me in the brig. Only time in my Navy life that I was in the brig.

The makeshift Pina Beach Dispensary. There the first 50 US Marines were quartered late in 1941. They came in 9 Catalinas along with AVD Clemson a Seaplane Tender.

Rare view of "The Casino". In the foreground the "Jangada", sailboat used by local fishermen.


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