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10)DE 174 MARTS

Photo:   By John Klar


Type: DET (diesel-electric tandem motor drive, long hull, 3" guns)

Displacement: 1,240 tons (std) 1,620 tons (full) Dimensions: 306' (oa), 300' (wl) x 36' 10" x 11' 8" (max)

Armament: 3 x 3"/50 Mk22 (1x3), 1 twin 40mm Mk1 AA, 8 x 20mm Mk 4 AA, 3 x 21" Mk15 TT (3x1),1 Hedgehog Projector Mk10 (144 rounds), 8 Mk6 depth charge projectors, 2 Mk9 depth charge tracks.

Machinery: 4 GM Mod. 16-278A diesel engines with electric drive, 6000 shp, 2 screws.

Speed: 21 knots.

Range: 10,800 nm @ 12 knots.

Crew: 15 / 201.

8 August 1943: Launched and christened, sponsored by Miss Betty Marts.

3 September 1943: Commissioned, Lt. Carl M. Fellows in command

20 March 1945: Decommissioned at Natal, Brazil; recommissioned the same day in the Brazilian Navy as CT Bocaina (D-22).

30 June 1953: Returned to U.S. control and simultaneously transferred outright to Brazil under terms of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program

20 July 1953: Stricken.

1975: scrapped 

After shakedown off Bermuda, MARTS departed New York 4 November for convoy escort duty off the Atlantic coast of South America. She reached Trinidad, British West Indies 9 November, and during the next 5 months operated in the 4th Fleet escorting ships between Trinidad and Recife, Brazil. As escort for light cruiser OMAHA (CL-4), she departed Bahia, Brazil, 23 May 1944 and patrolled the mid-Atlantic, south of the Equator, in search of German U-boats, until returning to Bahia, 5 June.

She made two more patrols during the next month; and, after escorting OMAHA to Gibraltar 13 July, she returned to Recife the 23d. Between 24 July and 3 August, MARTS screened the British cable repair ship SS CAMBRIA during repairs on communications cables off the Brazilian coast. Thence, she joined Escort Division 24 on hunter-killer patrols in the Atlantic. Operating with escort carrier TRIPOLI (CVE-64), she made four offensive ASW patrols out of Recife between 22 August and 12 November.

After completing sonar repairs at Bahia, Brazil, she sailed to Trinidad, where she arrived on 5 December to resume convoy escort duty. From 6 to 18 December, she screened a merchant convoy to Recife; thence, she continued escort duty between Brazilian ports and Trinidad until the end of January 1945.MARTS joined CINCINNATI (CL-6) at Bahia 1 February and escorted the light cruiser on patrol in the South Atlantic until returning to Recife 10 February.

Scheduled for transfer under lend lease to the Brazilian Government, she steamed to the Brazilian Naval Base at Natal, 2 March, and there trained Brazilian sailors. MARTS decommissioned 20 March 1945 and recommissioned the same day in the Brazilian Navy as BOCAINA (D-22).




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