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Completed: 1943

Displacement: 4,700 tons

Length over all: 444 ft

Length on pontoons: 328 ft

Length over blocks 377 ft

Width over all: 81 ft

Width inside: 51,5 ft

Draft over blocks: 25 ft

Draft over all submerged: 41,3ft

Draft light 7,1ft

Above data kindly sent by Aryeh Wetherhorn

YFD 27 had been stationed during the most part of the war at Salvador Bahia. With the capacity to repair ships up to 3000 tons, the same paid relevant work during the war servicing US Navy units of the Fourth Fleet. Bigger and better equipped than the YFD 38 based at Natal, this Floating Drydock was self sufficient once the same had boilers, kitchens, crew's quarters, and even anti-aircraft armament. When the war ended, YFD 27 was dispatched to the Pacific to repair the ships hit by the action of Kamikazes.


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