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Photo. PC 495 launched at Dravo Corp. December 1941. By Bob Daly 1181 


Displacement 280 t.(lt), 450 t.(fl)

Length 173' 8"

Beam 23'

Draft 10' 10" 

Speed 20.2 kts.

Complement 65.

Armament one 3"/50 dual purpose gun mount, one 40mm gun mount; three 20mm guns, two rocket launchers, four depth charge projectiles, and two depth charge tracks. 

Propulsion two 2,880bhp Hooven-Owen-Rentschler R-99DA diesel engines (Serial No. 6664 and 6665), Westinghouse single reduction gear, two shafts.

US B. P. Newton (on charter to British Tanker Co. Ltd.) was torpedoed by U-510 (Eick) on July 8-1943 while in Convoy TJ 1 from Trinidad for Bahia with a cargo of 14 700 tons aviation fuel as well as 500 barrels of lube oil (for East London and Beira), having departed Trinidad on July 3.

Commodore ship was D/S Edvard Grigs. B. P. Newton had station No. 42 in the convoy which consisted of 20 ships, escorted by the American destroyer USS Somers (DD 381), 4 American including PC 495 and a Brazilian escort vessel.

On 8/Jul/43, USS PC-495 picks up 66 survivors from the American merchant Eldena that was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-510 about 150 nautical miles north-east of Cayenne, French Guyana in position 05º50'N, 50º20'W.

Photo By Robert Hurst. PC 495 seen in Thailand Navy as Sarasin circa 1950.


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