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Displacement 720 t;

Length 196' 5"

Beam 28' 2"

Draft 11'

Speed 12 kts.

Complement: 89

Armament two 3"/50 dual purpose gun mounts, two .30 cal. machine guns, two dct

Propulsion two 1,000 shp Winton 158 diesel engines, two shafts.

On 10 February 1942, Siren was reassigned to the Eastern Sea Frontier. This change was part of the Navy's response to the German submarine offensive of 1942 which was centered in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. During this and her next assignment--to the Commander, Atlantic Fleet--from December 1942 until April 1944, Siren patrolled and escorted convoys along the southeastern coast of the United States and between the islands of the Caribbean.

Her duties during these two assignments carried her to such places as Trinidad, Jamaica, Cuba, and Key West. On one occasion, she even ventured as far south as Recife, Brazil. During this period, Siren rescued survivors of a U-boat sunk by a Navy PBY patrol plane.


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