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Photo.  By Joe Radigan


Displacement 1,375 t.

Length 205' 2".

Beam 33'.

Draft 14' 7".

Speed 16.5 kts.

Complement 87.

Armament one 4"/50 gun mount, one 3"/50 dual purpose gun mount, two 20mm gun mounts and two dct.

Propulsion:  Two 225 psi Scotch boilers, one 2,750 ihp Harland and Wolff verticle triple expansion engine, one shaft.

On 29 June 1942, she arrived at Key West and commenced escort duty in the Caribbean, initially convoying ships between Trinidad and Barbados. In September, she shifted to the Trinidad-Guantanamo convoy route and, in January 1943, to the Trinidad-Recife, Brazil, route. In May 1943, she assisted in the salvage of a torpedoed tanker, towing the ship into port and participating in repair operations for the next two weeks.


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