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PCE-842 Class Patrol Escort. Photo.

Laid down, 2 December 1942 by the Albina Engine and Machine Works, Portland, OR
Launched, 10 March 1943
Commissioned USS PCE-871, 29 October 1943
Sold to Mexico in 1947 as ARM Blas Godinez C 02)
Reclassified PO-132. Fate unknown.
Displacement 903 t
Length 184' 6"
Beam 33' 1"
Draft 9' 5"
Speed 15.7 kts.
Complement: 99.
Armament one 3"/50 dual purpose gun mount, three single 40mm gun mounts, five single 20mm guns, two depth charge throwers, four depth charge throwers.
In accordance with information received from John Hallaran, son of M. M. O. C. 2/c Thomas Hallaran, a former crewmember of PCE 871, this ship were in Brazilian waters from February to August 1944.
On 1st march PCE 871 along with DE 177, Reybold and AM 257 LANCE, went on gun practice off Recife with target towed by AT 82 Fleet Tug CARIB. PCE-871 also went on patrol duties off Belem and Bahia.

PCE 871 seen as Mexican Blas Godinez. Photo courtesy of Mexican Navy.


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