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Displacement: 295.

Length: 174'.

Beam: 28'.

Draught: 8'.

Speed: 20 knots.

Complement: 58.

Armament: 1 3" gun, 1 40mm. gun, 5 20mm., machine guns 2 rockets, 2 Depth Charge projectiles, 2 Depth Charge throwers.

Propulsion two 2,880bhp Hooven-Owen-Rentschler R-99DA diesel engines (Serial No. 6680 and 6681), Westinghouse single reduction gear, two shafts.

This vessel was part of Fourth Fleet Recife, Brazil in convoy escorting and patrolling south Atlantic lanes. On 07/Jul/43, USS PC-575 picked up survivors from the American merchant James Robertson that was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-185 about 175 miles east of Fortaleza, Brazil in position 04º05"S 35º58"W.


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