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Photo.  PC 544 in Brazilian Navy as Guapore By Bob Daly 1181


Displacement: 295’.

Length: 174'.

Beam: 28'.

Draught: 8'.

Speed: 20 knots.

Complement: 58.

Armament: 1 3" gun, 1 40mm. gun, 5 20mm., machine guns 2 rockets, 2 Depth Charge patterns, 2 Depth Charge throwers.

Propulsion two 2,880bhp General Motors 16-258S diesel engines (Serial No. 6355 and 6356), Farrel-Birmingham single reduction gear, two shafts.

This vessel was part of a group of 28 Patrol Crafts which took part in several convoy escorting duties under Fourth Fleet based at Recife Brazil. On 24/Sep/42 Pc 544 was transferred to the Brazilian Navy when was renamed as Guapore. 


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