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Destroyer Squadron NINE was first formed in 1920. Homeported in Charleston, South Carolina, the Squadron consisted of 18 World War I "Four Pipers". In July 1921 the Squadron moved to Newport, Rhode Island where it operated until it was disestablished in May 1930. Destroyer Squadron NINE was reestablished in 1937 in the Pacific Fleet. In November 1942 the Squadron was homeported in Recife, Brazil Fourth Fleet Headquarters, where the Commodore was also assigned Station Commander.

Destroyer Squadron NINE's mission was submarine hunting and patrol and escort duty, occasionally interspersed with brief flurries of action against German U-Boats. The squadron continued operations out of Recife until August 1944, at which time the Squadron was dissolved for a second time and its ships reassigned. DESRON 9 was composed by:

DesDiv17: McDougal/DF, Winslow, Moffett, Sampson. (Destroyer Sampson DD 394, was assigned patrol duties at the western seabord of South America on the Pacific coast.)

DD 358 McDOUGAL  alongside HMS Prince of Wales, to transfer President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the British battleship for the Atlantic Charter meeting with Prime Minister Winston Churchil

Photo. Wikipedia

DD 359 WINSLOW   Photo. www, By Jesse P. Mannix

DD 362 MOFFET   Photo.


DD 381 SOMERS   Photo wikipedia

DD 383 WARRINGTON  By Ed Zajkowski

DD 395 DAVIS   Photo.

DD 396 JOUETT  Photo. By Robert Hurst


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