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Photo By Marc Piché


Basic repeat Wickes Class, with 35% more fuel capacity to improve endurance problems.

Designed radius was 4900 nautical miles at 15 Knots.

Launched November 20 1918 and commissioned January 26 1920.

Decommissioned July 14 1922.

Reclassified Sea Plane Tender AVP-18 November 15 1939.

Classification changed to AVD-5 August 24 1940.

Reclassified back to destroyer DD-188 December 1 1943.

Converted to High Speed Transport APD-32 March 7 1944.

Classification changed back to Destroyer DD-188 July 10 1945.

Decommissioned October 11 1945.

Stricken October 24 1945.

Fate: Sold November 21 1946 to Hugo Neu, New York and broken up for scrap.

Displacement 1,215 Tons.

Dimensions, 314' 5" (oa) x 31' 8" x 9' 10" (Max)

Armament 4 x 4"/50, 1 x 3"/23AA, 12 x 21" tt.

Machinery, 26,500 SHP; Geared Turbines, 2 screws.

Speed, 35 Knots.

Crew 114.

DD 188 Goldsborough departed Norfolk 30 October 1942 to escort seaplane tender Pocomoke (AV-9) to Panama and seaplane tender Albemarle (AV-5) to aviation patrol bases at San Juan, P.R.; Trinidad, B.W.I.; and Bermuda, Fla. She returned to Norfolk 30 November 1942 to spend the following year as escort for Albemarle while carrying men, aeronautical cargo, and aircraft of Fleet Air Wings of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet to Guantanamo Bay; Trinidad; Bermuda ; San Juan; and Recife, Brazil.

She returned to Norfolk on the last of these missions 5 September 1943 After patrol with Core (CVE-13) antisubmarine warfare task group 5 October-15 November 1943, Goldsborough was redesignated DD-188 on 1 December 1943.DANFS

Photo. By Robert Hurst.


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