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Displacement 2597 Tons (Full)

Dimensions, 381' (oa) x 37' x 13' (Max)

Launched December 11 1935 and commissioned August 28 1936.

Decommissioned November 2 1945.

Stricken January 28 1947.

Fate: Sold May 16 1947 to Boston Metals, Baltimore and broken up for scrap.

Armament 8 x 5"/38AA (4x2), 8 x 1.1" AA (2x4), 8 x 21" tt.(2x4).

Machinery, 50,000 SHP; Geared Turbines, 2 screws.

Speed, 37 Knots.

Range 6500 NM@ 12 Knots.

Crew 194.

For the first 2 years of World War II, DD 362 Moffett operated with typical destroyer versatility on patrol and convoy duties in the South Atlantic and Caribbean, escort missions bringing her to U.S. ports from time to time. She made several voyages to west African ports in 1943. On 17 May 1943, as she and Jouett were on escort duty in the Caribbean, she learned that patrol planes had spotted and fired a German submarine.

At 1246 Moffett sighted the U-boat. The two destroyers sank the submarine with 5-inch gunfire, then rescued 50 survivors including the German commanding officer. Three months later, while escorting Memphis and a merchant ship to Ascension, Moffett made contact with U -604 and again Joined Navy aircraft to attack.

A running fight ensued through the night, and when the submarine marine surfaced 95 miles north of Trinidad next morning, Moffett drove her down once more with five hits. Three days later, with the aid of aircraft, contact was regained and the submarine badly damaged by Moffett's depth charges. In the dark and confusion of action, a friendly aircraft mistaking Moffett for the enemy made two strafing runs which caused minor damage. The stricken submarine was finally scuttled by her crew 11 August; Moffett was credited with the kill.

Photo. By Robert Hurst. USS Moffet underway in the Atlantic March 1944.


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