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Basic repeat Wickes Class, with 35% more fuel capacity to improve endurance problems.

Designed radius was 4900 nautical miles at 15 Knots.

Launched October 28 1920 and commissioned December 28 1920.

Decommissioned December 20 1932, Recommissioned June 20 1933.

Appeared briefly on color film underway in New York Harbor in 1939 in the
PBS documentary Normandie: A Legendary Liner.

Converted to High Speed Transport APD-29 January 15 1944.

Fate: Barry was irreparably damaged by Japanese Kamikaze May 25 1945
and was used as a decoy hulk until sunk in June 1945.

Displacement 1,215 Tons.

Dimensions, 314' 5" (oa) x 31' 8" x 9' 10" (Max)

Armament 4 x 4"/50, 1 x 3"/23AA, 12 x 21" tt.

Machinery, 26,500 SHP; Geared Turbines, 2 screws.

Speed, 35 Knots.

Crew 114.

DD 248 BARRY joined Destroyer Division 47 in the Canal Zone 18 October 1940. Still on duty there when the United States entered World War II, she was assigned escort and anti-submarine warfare missions against the German submarine menace in the Atlantic. Early in 1942 Barry operated in the Caribbean escorting convoys between Guantanamo BayCuba, and Panama; and Curacao andTrinidad. Later in the year and throughout the first half of 1943 she performed escort duties in the South Atlantic, operating from Trinidad.


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