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Above a large view of Recife Harbor (Base Fox) with one Crash Boat servicing ships of the 4th Fleet. Photo LIFE MAGAZINE

Crash Rescue Boat is a name used in the USA to describe military high-speed offshore rescue boats, similar in size and performance to Motor Torpedo Boats, used to rescue pilots and aircrews of crashed aircraft. During World War II these rescue boats, armed with light anti-aircraft guns for self-defense, saw extensive services with the British Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Forces.

The USAAF used 140 such 85-foot vessels in World War II, designed by Dair N. Long in 1944. The last of these boats has been restored by the AAF/USAF Crash Rescue Boat Association, a non-profit organization with the goal to preserve it for future generations. It is now owned by the West Coast Crash Rescue Boat 


The Fourth Fleet used the following crafts at Recife during war.

C-16508 C-16509 C-26580 C-36247 C-36248 C-95021 / P-225 P-235 P-237 P-239 P-269 P-394 P-479 P-480.


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