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Photo. By CWO3 Curt Clark 

Laid down, 3 June 1918, at Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., Quincy, MA.

Launched, 2 November 1918.

Commissioned USS Greene (Destroyer No. 266), 9 May 1919, CDR. R. A. Theobald USN in command .

Designated (DD-266), 17 July 1920.

Decommissioned, 17 June 1922, at San Francisco, CA.

Laid up in the Pacific Reserve Fleet

Recommissioned, 28 June 1940, at San Diego, CA.

Converted to a Seaplane Tender (Destroyer) at San Francisco, CA.

Redesignated (AVD-13), 6 April 1941

Converted to a High-speed Transport at Charleston Navy Yard, Charleston, S.C.;

Redesignated (APD-36), 1 February 1944.

Specifications: Displacement; 1,215 t.

Length; 314' 4".

Beam; 31' 8".

Draft; 9' 10".

Speed; 33.3 kts.

Complement; 130.

Boats; 4 LCP(L) landing craft.

Armament : three single 4"/50 gun mounts, two single 40mm AA gun mounts, five single 20mm AA gun mounts, one depth charge track, four depth charge projectors. Propulsion; geared turbines, 26,500 shp, two propellers.

One week after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor AVD 13 Greene sailed for Brazil. Until the summer of 1942 she served as seaplane tender at Natal with one call at Rio de Janeiro for repairs in February 1942. She returned to Charleston 18 July 1942. She escorted a convoy from Norfolk to Bermuda and operated in the South Atlantic for the next 6 months as a convoy escort, making two voyages to Rio de Janeiro.



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