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Photowww.navsource.orgBy Joe Radigan

AM 294 USS Salute a sister ship.

Photo Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships/


Displacement 945 t.(fl)

Length 184' 6".

Beam 33'.

Draft 9' 9".

Speed 14.8 kts.

Complement 104.

Armament: One 3"/50 cal. dual purpose mount and one twin 40mm gun mount, six single 20mm gun mounts, one depth charge thrower (hedgehogs), four depth charge projectiles (K-guns), two depth charge tracks.

Propulsion: Two 1,710shp Cooper Bessemer GSB-8 diesel engines, National Supply Co. single reduction gear, two shafts.

AM 259 Lucid departed 3 March 1944 for the Caribbean, arriving Guantanamo 7 March. For the next 12 months, the minesweeper was assigned to escort duty between Trinidad, British West Indies, and RecifeBrazil. Protecting convoys from U-boat attacks, she made eight such voyages prior to reporting for duty as a training ship at Miami 28 March 1945.

From April to June, Lucid operated as a school ship out of Miami and trained future naval officers in the art of seamanship. Following a brief overhaul at Norfolk, the minesweeper returned to Miami and decommissioned there 28 August 1945. She was transferred to the Chinese government the same day.



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