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Photo.  By Association of Fleet Tug Sailors. 


Displacement 1,235 t.(lt) 1,674 t.(fl)

Length 205'

Beam 38' 6"

Draft 15' 4"

Speed 16k.5kts.

Complement 85

Armament : One single 3"/50 dual purpose gun mount, two twin 40mm AA gun mounts ,two single 20mm AA gun mounts

Propulsion diesel-electric, four General Motors 12-278A diesel main engines driving four General Electric generators and three General Motors 3-268A auxiliary services engines, single screw, 3,600shp

For 21 months Seneca was assigned target towing, general rescue, and salvage duties in the waters off the coast of Brazil, under Adm Ingram’s Fourth Fleet Recife Brazil. During one of her rescue missions, Seneca captured two survivors of a German U-boat sunk by Allied ASW patrols.

Photo. By Tommy Trampp



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