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Launched, 9 January 1932

Delivered to Eastern Steamship Lines, 22 April 1932

Acquired by the Navy, 24 April 1941

Converted to a Submarine Tender

Commissioned USS Antaeus (AS-21), 17 May 1941, CDR. R. S. Morse in command

Redesignated to Miscellaneous Auxiliary (AG-67), 15 September 1943

Converted to a Hospital Ship at New York Navy Yard

Renamed and Reclassified USS Rescue (AH-18), 18 January 1945

Displacement 8,350 t.

Length 403'

Beam 61'

Draft 20'

Speed 20 kts.

Complement (AS) 440

Armament: Original configuration one 4"/50 gun mount aft  two 3"/23 gun mounts forward Upgraded one 4"/50 gun mount aft  four 3"/50 gun mounts, two forward, two aft

Propulsion geared turbine, twin screws, 13,000 hp

AS 21 ANTAEUS, although not commissioned under the Fourth Fleet is one of the ships that remained temporarily in service in the south Atlantic area, particularly at Recife where Brazilian Northeast Naval  Force -  FNN had deployed 4 submarines with the specific purpose of training both Naval forces in ASW tactics.



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