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- U-590 / U-863


U-604's commissioning ceremony at the Blohm & Voss shipyard, Hamburg, January 8, 1942. Kapitänleutnant Horst Höltring makes remarks to his crew before the flag is raised for the first time.

Line is passed in preparation for the transfer of fuel and supplies. The crewman to the right of the photographer is using the "Flüsstertütte" (megaphone) to communicate with crewmen aboard UA.

Type II boats lying allongside accomodation ships. Probably of the 21st Flotilla in Pillau, Germany.

US Navy PV 1 circles above the bubbles  and swirl left by U 604 sinking

U-664 seen during a rendezvous with another U-Boat

U-664 seen in Atlantic rendezvous with UA. Closing up to pass a line

U-604 seen docked somewhere in Germany

U-604 (on the right), U-659 (on the left) and U-409 (approaching). All three boats participated in the attack on convoy SL-125 and returned to Brest in company.

U-604 receives direct hits from US Navy planes. Depth charge plumes from LCDR Prueher's attack. U-604 had submerged 16 seconds prior to the attack.

LTJG Davies' PV-1 passes over U-604 after a strafing attack.

U-604 begins to plunge in beneath the waves. In the detail only a small part of the Conning tower and bow are visible. 

U-604's stern hangs in the air for three minutes before sliding out of sight leaving oil slick and stationary air boilBy Capt. Jerry Mason US Navy Ret.



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