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Taken from the tunnel hatch just after the second attack - spray from depth bomb is subsiding in the wake

Taken from the tunnel hatch after the second attack

Taken from the waist hatch just before the boat submerged

A large oil slick is seen on the south Atlantic surface where U - 161 was attacked and sunk. All crewmembers perished.

Picture of Capt. Albrecht Achilles. His men regarded him in high esteem for his leadership.

Report of action and  the sinking of U 161.

Aircraft 74-P-2 is quickly hauled up the launching ramp water leaking from holes caused by U-161's AA fire

Exit hole on port side made by shrapnel from explosive shell that hit just forward of galley door

Damage from exploding 37mm shell just forward of the galley door - this hit caused the injuries to the Bombardier, ENS Oliver Bret, and Radio/Radar Operator ARM1/c Dean Bealer

Interior view of damage to the portside hull (looking down and aft)

Damage to electrical conduit above port from shrapnel - port wing is visible through port.

Interior view of damage just forward of galley door

Shrapnel damage in the vicinity of the rotary inverters (looking forward and up just aft the aft of the wing) which caused loss of the electric instruments

Ensign Brett is loaded into the ambulance

Rare picture from the arrival of VP 74 P2 PBM at Aratu Seaplane base. Crewmember is carefully removed from the aircraft.

Another detail of the removal of Ensign Brett or Radioman Bealer from the PBM as soon as it arrived at Aratu Sepalane base, Bahia.

Injured crewmember is assisted by their comrades. Later both men recovered from their wounds.

Pictures by Cap. Jerry Mason USN Ret.


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