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SS Rad seen as former Thistletor. Photo 

Built: 1910

Tonnage: 4,201 / 7,600 tons

Cargo: Chemicals

Route: Baltimore – Durban

Sunk 03 Aug 1940 by UA on pos. 11° 20'N 21° 00'W 

0 Dead

29 Survivors

Completed in August 1910 as British Thistletor for Albyn Line Ltd (Allan, Black & Co), Sunderland. 1930 sold to Yugoslavia and renamed Rad for Plovidba Rad (Banaz & Rusko), Dubrovnik. 

German submarine U-A stopped Yugoslavian ship Rad at 19 00 hours 300 miles off of the coast of Senegal in western Africa and later found out she was carrying chemicals from the United States for South Africa; the crew of 29 was put to lifeboats, and U-A sank Rad with a torpedo.


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