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Photo provided by Torsten Hagnéus/Kurt Illiminsky

Built: 1937

Tonnage: 5,608 / 4,680 tons

Cargo 4,750 tons of coffee, wool, cheese and 60 tons of mail

Route: Buenos aires - Santos - Philadelphia

Sunk 1 Jan, 1943 by U-164 on position 00º 19"N 37º 26"W

0 Dead

28 Survivors

At 04.30 hours on 1 Jan, 1943, the neutral Brageland was stopped by U-164 off the Brazilian coast, searched by a boarding party of three men and sunk according to the prize rules. The Germans ordered the crew to abandon ship in 30 minutes and then fired a torpedo, which caused the ship to sink by the bow after 6 minutes.



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