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Built 1934

Tonnage 1,629 / 2,715 tons

Cargo: 1,000 tons of salted hides, 1,200 tons of wool and 50 tons of salted hides in barrels.

Route: Montevideo - Philadelphia

Sunk 13 Dec 1942 by U-176 on pos. 01º36"N 32º22"W.

7 Dead from Balkis

45 survivors

On 11 Apr, 1942, the Scania picked up 27 survivors from the Norwegian motor merchant Balkis (2161 tons), which had been sunk by the Italian submarine Pietro Calvi (Olivieri) about 60 miles off the coast of Brazil north of Fortaleza in the morning of that day and landed them in Fortaleza on 12 April. At 15.48 hours on 13 Dec, 1942, the Scania was stopped by U-176, searched by a boarding party and at 18.05 hours sunk by six scuttling charges in accordance with the prize rules after the crew had abandoned ship. 




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