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Photo. Rickard Sahlsten sent by Torsten Hagnéus.

Built 1937

Tonnage 1,551 / 2,745 tons

Cargo: General cargo which included paper, machinery and steel.

Route: Philadelphia - Curaçao - Rio de Janeiro – Montevideo – Buenos Aires 

Sunk 10 Jul 43 by U-510 on pos 08º 21’N 48º 30’W.

0 Dead

25 Survivors

At 00.51 hours on 10 July 1943 the unescorted and unarmed Scandinavia (Master S. Lindhe) was stopped by U-510 with a shot across her bow about 400 miles north of Cayenne, French Guiana. The U-boat had spotted the ship with navigation lights set and barely visible nationality markings. The Germans asked for the name and ordered the master to come aboard with the papers, which showed that the vessel was en route for the enemy. Eick decided to sink the ship in accordance with the prize rules and gave the crew a half an hour to leave the ship in the two lifeboats. At 02.50 hours, the Scandinavia was hit amidships by one torpedo and sank by the stern within two minutes in 07°58N/48°06W. On 19 July, the survivors made landfall near Paramaribo, Dutch Guyana.



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