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Built 1939

Tonnage 1,688 / 2,700 tons

Cargo: General cargo

Route: Philadelphia - Rio de Janeiro

Sunk 25 Mar 43 by U-518 on pos. 11º40'S 35º55'W.

1 Dead

25 Survivors

At 07.07 hours on 25 March 1943 the unescorted and unarmed Industria (Master J. Erik Lorentzon) was hit on the starboard side abreast of the bridge by one of two torpedoes from U-518 while steaming on a non-evasive course at 12 knots about 80 miles southeast of Aracaju, Sergipe. The U-boat had spotted the navigation lights of the ship, but could not see the Swedish flag painted on the side because it was not illuminated.

No distress signals were sent as the aerial had been damaged and the ship sank by the bow within eight minutes. The most crew members abandoned ship in one lifeboat, while others had to jump overboard when the ship sank. The U-boat surfaced shortly afterwards, questioned the survivors in the boat and took the master, the chief officer and the chief engineer as prisoners aboard. The Germans then asked the survivors if there were any wounded and if water was required and left after 30 minutes.

On 27 April, the prisoners were landed in Lorient and later repatriated by aircraft to Sweden. The lifeboat picked up the men swimming in the water and searched in vain for a man who was last seen on a raft. The survivors were picked up 15 hours after the sinking by the Swiss steam merchant St. Cergue and landed at Bahia.




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